School offer

  • Specifically Adapted Units For Schools

    They take up very little space (one third of space compared to benches).

    They are high quality designed units, with a typical life span of 10 years of outdoor usage.

    They are incredibly robust and modern in design.

    We deliver to each school with easy instructions for installation, they have small drill holes of 10cm dept.

    Tested for child safety, TUV certified, and are already in high use throughout Europe.

  • What we are offering Schools:

    Multiple units (each unit has 3 seats).

    Purchase of each unit – delivered to club: € 1,800

    For a limited time we can take payment over 3 installments within 12months.

    Including deposit of: € 800. T&C Applies, which we will provide.

    All quotes ex vat

  • Revenue Stream

    Use seats to sell advertings or simply to announce information for your Schools.

    However expected sale price to advertiser per unit (which is 6 ads) is € 150pm ex vat – including print. We normally book for 6 month periods. We can advise on printing and templates. Or simply use your units for general announcements for your School.

Download School Offer PDF